Catch me if you can promo

Paramount Channel

The secret of the most memorable characters are always in the smallest details. Based on this idea, Paramount Channel created this promo video for Steven Spielberg’s movie, Catch me if you can, using traditional stop motion animation. We get an insight into Frank Abignail’s character through the tiniest details of his scams. The trailer follows the main character’s infamous career playing with the different motifs and symbols of the film, giving the viewers a taste of the movie’s vibes and Frank Abignail’s ingenuity.


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Director, DOP, Storyboard, animation: Daniel Huszár

Creative Director:: Daniel Kabai

Senior Promo producer:: Andras Martsa

Producer / Editor/ Copywriter:: Daniel Berta

Lighting:: Tamas Kovács

Sound Designer:: Antal Szvák


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